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Send your photo by email to to make a mural with all our faces for the press conference next Tuesday.

Jaume Cortés, lawyer of the Ronda Collective has sent us this important email.

Good afternoon everyone, hard times are coming, but we didn’t think that much!

Our fighting partner, Mario Arias, president of the AQUA Association of Tarragona, which surely many of you know, is and has always been a great fighter, open to all. It has been many years, like many other people, fighting for the recognition of the right of patients with SQM, CHRONIC FATIGUE AND FIBROMIALGIA.

Well now, in a RESOLUTION WITHOUT PRECEDENTS, they have withdrawn the pension because the ICAMS considers that helping the sick is like working!

It is a first step, the Generalitat HAS GIVEN US A FIRST NOTICE.

Next Tuesday we have a press conference in Tarragona to denounce the situation.

As we are scattered throughout the territory and it is very expensive (for health and economic resources) to make a physical claim, we propose that all those who want to support Mario, and all those people who spend their free time to help the sick, TO SEND US A PHOTO BY EMAIL TO MAIL and with all the photographs we will make a mural that we will put behind us during the press conference.

It will be a small detail, but it can give visibility to the matter.

Come, cheer up, we will inform you.


Jaume Cortés

According to the Institut Català d’Avaluacions Mèdiques (ICAM), developing an intense and outstanding activity in defense of the group of people affected by chemical substances and radiation and demanding the creation of a unit specialized in multiple chemical sensitivity to the province of Tarragona is sufficient reason to reduce the degree of disability of a person, despite the existence of medical reports commissioned by ICAM itself that support the persistence of injuries.

This is the situation faced by Mario Arias, president of the AQUA Association of chemical and environmental patients of Tarragona, to whom ICAM has reduced its absolute disability to the extent of total arguing that “there is evidence that the patient performs and actively participates in meetings and conferences as a representative of the AQUA association and other groups ”and of whom he emphasizes that“ he is dedicated to helping others affected and above all to litigate and defend the rights of those affected ”.

To denounce what we consider a true witch hunt against one of the most active and meaningful members of the community affected by Chemical Sensitivity, Mario Arias and the lawyers of the Col • lectivo Ronda will offer a press conference:

Press conference
Tuesday July 15
11.30 am
Rambla Nova 37, 3rd 2nd
Tarragona [how to get there]

“Of course, I do not see this patient trained for any type of work.” This strong statement is the phrase that concludes the medical report of Dr. Julián Márquez Sánchez (Neurologist and specialist in clinical neurophysiology. Ex-cap of the Clinical Neurophysiology Section of the Bellvitge University Hospital), issued at the request of the ICAM to evaluate if it was necessary or not to review the degree of disability recognized to Mr. Mario Arias.

In his report, Dr. Márquez considers that a Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome with “multisystemic involvement” and “neurocognitive disorders as well as respiratory, digestive, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and, more specifically, environmental intolerance persists” A clinical picture severe enough to fully justify the maintenance of the situation of absolute disability (unable to perform any work) than Mr. Arias had been recognized since 2002.

Against the criteria of this prestigious doctor who prepares his report at the express request of the ICAM, the evaluating body opposes a second medical report without identifying the name of the doctor who prepares it, where it is considered that Mr. Arias can perform “other types of work that do not involve efforts or exposure to chemicals, ”despite Mr.’s body Arias reacts virulently to chemicals as everyday as a perfume, air freshener or detergents that we usually use to wash clothes.

A moment nothing casual

The decision to review the degree of invalidity of Mario Arias comes precisely when a sentence is about to be executed that obliges the Generalitat of Catalonia to pay a significant amount for damages. The inability of the president of AQUA derives from the diseases contracted as a result of the exposure to harmful chemical agents that he suffered while working as a Public Works laborer in road maintenance. Injuries caused by the lack of security measures for which the courts have held the Generalitat de Catalunya responsible.


The review of the degree of disability implies that Mr.’s pension Arias will be significantly reduced, going from 100% of the contribution base without taxation (absolute disability), to 75% and subject to contribution by personal income tax (total disability), in addition to a reduction in the amount of the surcharge that corresponds to it as a result of Professional origin of their ailments.

Notice for navigators?

The school Col • Ronda wants to denounce what we consider a witch hunt undertaken against a person who for years and despite the enormous difficulties that his disease poses has worked tirelessly to publicize this pathology and help all people who, like him They are also forced to fight tirelessly to access appropriate medical treatments and see their rights recognized as sick and sick. A person who, from his position as president of the AQUA Association of chemical and environmental patients of Tarragona, is one of the most active and meaningful members of the community affected by the Chemical Sensitivity in support of other sick and sick people.

It is absolutely intolerable for ICAM to review the degree of disability of a person before the medical criteria of a specialist in the field to whom the agency itself has commissioned one to report considerations as subjective and lacking in rigor as, for example, that “performs and actively participate in meetings and conferences ”.

In addition to judicially opposing the unjustifiable decision of l’ICAM, from the Round • School we want to express all our support and recognition to Mr. Mario Arias against attempts to demonize the attitude of those who face adversity and decide to stand up and help others to do so, even if this way of acting bothers the same medical and administrative bodies that continue to deny the recognition and attention they require in so many affected by chemical sensitivity.

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