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… in which the professionals of the Clinic (Dr Fernández Solà, Dr Santiago Nogué and the psychologist Teresa Godás) demonstrate their low professional and academic level (bibliography of 20 years ago) and their great need to psychopathologize these organic diseases.
You can read Robert Cabre’s comments on the “study” and find the link to the article here:
Some of the most interesting phrases in the article of these “experts”:
“The analysis of our results evidences scores
indicating psychopathology in all study subjects, but with
Significantly higher scores in the patient group
with CFS and SQM, which indicates serious psychopathology, which may have
implication both in the possible etiology of the disease and in the
maintenance of it ”.
What they are saying in this sentence is that we are crazy and that this is the cause of our CFS or SQM and the reason why the disease is maintained and we do not improve.
“Patients with SQM obtained an average score of 116 in phobic symptoms, which suggests a serious phobic condition in these patients” and “Another psychopathological symptom to be assessed in these patients is phobia, which indicates persistent responses of fear of people, places, objects, situations that are in themselves irrational and disproportionate in relation to the stimulus ”
What they are saying is that the fact that odors and chemicals bother you is a phobia. So why does Dr. Fernández Solà tell us and write in our reports (at 175 euros per report) that we should avoid toxic?
It is no accident that the Clinic have felt the need to publish this (it can not be called “study” for being a small fudge worthy of an ESO student) when in Can Ruti they are in the final stretch of a brilliant study on the immunological biomarkers of ME / CFS.
The fact that certain professionals dedicate their lives to trying to psychopathologize the EMSFC and the SQM shows a sick obsession for which we can recommend some treatments.
Fortunately, in Spain and especially in Catalonia, certain patient-informed associations (there it hurts!) Have more credibility than the Clinic team. And the sick MS / CFS and SQM have enough knowledge (yes, they already know that the Fukuda Criteria are of prehistory and that SQM are not phobias) so as not to believe the unscientific misinformations of certain professionals.
Most of the sick EMSFC and SQM are busy learning to live with these diseases and to be creative in the process. We love life. We know her. The same cannot be said of these professionals, small pathetic people.
We have work fighting for our rights, for those of children with EMSFC and defending Catalan public health within our great physical limitations. That is why we do not denounce these professionals (although if someone wants to do so, they will have our support).
These professionals do not realize that they have been left alone, that they are not important, that we ignore them. The times have passed when the sick EMSFC and SQM were not informed and respected these “experts” in white coats.
Clara Valverde
SFC League

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